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Metal and Soul Team 2604 was founded in December 2007. The team is based out of Capac, Michigan and recruits from Capac Middle and High School. Our sponsers are: Michigan Economic Development Association, Chrysler Foundation, Four County Community Foundation, Witco, St. Clair County Economic Development Association, PLASKO, L&L Products, Keihn, Plumbing Professors, St. Clair County Community College, CSB Bank,, Capac Community Schools. Metal and Soul has had many achievements over the years, see our season recaps below.

Ninth Season: 2016

Now in our Ninth season, we were honored to receive the Prestigious Chairman's Award at the Kettering #2 District Competition which earned us a slot at the MI State Championship. At our Second Event the team made it to the Semifinals as the #5 seed Captain and earned the Entrepreneurship Award. The team also assisted with the running of the event. We once again hosted our annual Kick-off at Capac HS in January, offering many classes to teams in attendance. The team has advanced in the number of students who are proficient in CAD and programming. We continue to be leaders in STEM and Community Outreach.

Team Picture from 2016

Eighth Season: 2015

Our eighth season brought us a team comprised of 26 students, 50% of whom were girls. The team advanced on the amount of CAD completed by students and enjoyed a burst of cross-training of skills between students. We were honored to receive the Chairman's Award at the Kettering District event. We advanced to the State Competition but fell a few points shy of earning a slot at the St. Louis Championship. We spent the week of the Championship giving back to several sponsors through demos for take your child to work day and we continued our STEM outreach and community service projects. We were invited to and attended the STEMly Cup championship, an off season event, in Hamilton, Onterio.

Team Picture from 2015

Seventh Season: 2014

We began our seventh season, with 23 students, by hosting the first official annual Capac Kickoff Event Metal and Soul earned the Entrepreneurship Award at Kettering for the third year in a row and the Chairman's Award at the Troy District Event. The team earned a spot at the Michigan State Championship. Falling short of qualifying for the St. Louis Championship, we forged ahead with our STEM and community outreach programs to strength our impact on our community. The team worked on several projects in the off-season including a t-shirt cannon to be used for parades and other community events.

Team Picture from 2014

Sixth Season: 2013

Team Picture from 2013

Metal and Soul enjoyed further success this season, qualifying for the elimination rounds and earning the Entrepreneurship Award at the Kettering District. The team was honored to be received the Engineering Inspiration [EI] at the Grand Blanc District Event. Winning the Engineering Inspiration award took the team to the Michigan State Competition to compete for the Michigan State Engineering Inspiration Award which we were thrilled to win. The state win earned the team a trip to the FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, MO and a $5,000 grant from NASA which paid the registration fee. The trip was a fantastic experience for all involved.

Fifth Season: 2012

Team Picture from 2012

In Metal and Soul's fifth season, the team was honored to win the Entrepreneurship award at the Kettering district event. The team would go on to enter the qualification rounds at Troy, earning the Finalist Award. The team grew by leaps and bounds, further cementing themselves as a veteran presence. They continued to work off season promoting FIRST and STEM Careers across the state, Country and abroad. Metal and Soul worked to establish their St. Clair STEM initiative to promote partnerships between teams, educators, colleges and universities, business leaders, new legislators. The initiative will further drive STEM thought the county and state.

Fourth Season: 2011

Team Picture from 2011

Hard work paid off as the team was honored to receive both the Chairman's Award as well as the UL Safety award at the Kettering District event. Having earned our way to the State Championship we won the UL Saftey Award there. The Team continued in the off-season participating in events such as : The Maker Faire Detroit, "The First ever "Be Very Afraid eXtra", MACUL Technology Showcase and International endeavors with Dr. Stephen Heppell.

Third Season: 2010

Team Picture from 2010

Entering it's third year the team hoped to regain some of the success it had achieved in its first year. The team grew in their experience and won Awards for safety and gracious professionalism. The team made great strides in the off-season becoming a "Year-round" team, promoting FIRST and STEM Careers across the state.

Second Season: 2009

Team Picture from 2009

Metal and Soul competed in two tough regional events qualifying for the elimination rounds in one. While the team met with some challenges, they learned valuable lessons regarding the importance of prototyping and sticking to a schedule. This helped them mature greatly as a team.

Rookie Season: 2008

Team Picture from 2008

Metal and Soul achieved great success in it's first year, winning the West Michigan regional event, Rookie All- Star Award, Highest Rookie Seed and the UL Safety Award. We also placed 2nd in the rookie regional held in September 2008. Winning the event and Rookie All-Star sent Metal and Soul to the World Championships in Atlanta, GA.

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